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Our Story

Founded in 1974 by Edwin Sobiech Sr.

The Sobiech family began farming in Poland in the early 1900's. In the 1930's, founder Edwin Sobiech Sr.'s parents immigrated to the United States of America hoping for a better life. Here, they worked day & night to make ends meet. During the day, they would grow onions, carrots, and lettuce on the farm.


Edwin Sr. followed his parents’ footsteps and began farming in the Black Dirt Region of Pine Island, an area known for its fertile and nutrient rich soil formed by a glacial lake thousands of years ago. Out in the onion fields is where he eventually met his wife, Jane and later in 1974, Edwin Sr. established Green Valley Onion Company. The focus was to package & sell the most popular crop in the valley, onions.


In 1995, Sobiech Sr. got sick and stepped down to his son, Ed Sobiech Jr. At that moment, Ed Sobiech Jr. remembers thinking it was time to “sink or swim” and he worked hard to grow the Green Valley Onion name into what it is today. Ed made great strides to re-invest in operations & maintain life-long relationships with his partner farms, customers, and employees.


Present Day, the business remains family owned and operated by Edwin Sobiech Jr., and his two children, Brennan and Olivia. Expanding our operation from start-to-finish, Brennan works directly with the land, growing his own New York state crop from our partner farm, Brennan Sobiech Farms. Olivia manages outbound transportation through our partner logistics company, OJS Express LLC. Eventual Fourth Generation Owners, Brennan & Olivia have plans to continue on the Green Valley Onion name while adapting and growing in ways that will be beneficial to our customers in the future.

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About Green Valley Onion

Green Valley Onion Co. Inc. is a family owned and operated onion growing, packing, and shipping business located in the heart of the Black Dirt Region of Orange County, NY. 

Green Valley Onion delivers sorted, graded, and packaged onions to supermarkets and food distributors throughout the northeast. Our customers range in size from the largest national grocers to local independent retailers. We buy onions from small family farms around New York State allowing us to supply local-grown onions to our customers when possible. Additionally, we source onions from all growing areas allowing us to meet market demand year around. 

Here at Green Valley Onion Co., Inc. we are certified by PrimusGFS, a global food safety initiative. PrimusGFS covers good agricultural practices, good manufacturing practices, and food safety management systems. Our goal is to provide the best quality onions for our customers by holding ourselves to the highest safety standards. 

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Brennan Sobiech Farms

Brennan owns and operates Brennan Sobiech Farms (BSF). BSF is a partner farm that runs alongside Green Valley Onion. Brennan grows onions on around 100 acres in the Black Dirt Region of Orange County, NY. 

Growing onions takes knowledge and skill, as well as countless hours of labor. Brennan handles all operations of BSF and ensures that only the best quality of onions are pulled out of his ground. 

OJS Express LLC.

Olivia owns and operates OJS Express LLC. OJS Express is a partner logistics company that runs alongside Green Valley Onion.


OJS Express ensures that your onions are delivered to you at the correct fresh temperature, as well as in a timely manner.


 Olivia also manages sales and day-to-day operations at Green Valley Onion. 

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