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Our Onions

Our supply of onions are grown and harvested from our partner company Brennan Sobiech Farms as well as other small family farms around New York State. This allows us to supply local grown onions to our customers when possible.

To ensure that we are able to meet year around demand, we source onions from all growing areas. 

When onions are transported to our location they go through a quality control inspection. This is where our in-house inspector will inspect multiple 50lb bags of onions to ensure we are only receiving the highest quality onion into our facility. These onions will be stored and kept fresh until use.

When an order is placed by the customer, the Onions will be transferred into our packing area where they are inspected. Any onions that don't pass our quality control standards are removed. The best onions go through conveyors where they are transferred into other machines.


Using our four automatic weighing and clipping machines or our 10lb/25lb/50lb weighing and bagging machine, the onions are weighed and packed in mesh bags with labels,. 

Next, the onions travel under our metal detector and then are transferred onto a table. On this table the bags of onions are inspected and placed in larger bags meeting the order received. 

The bags of onions are moved via conveyor into our automatic palletizing machines where they are properly stacked and wrapped on a pallet autonomously.

The pallet of onions are transferred to our shipping room where they are stored and then loaded into a refrigerated semi truck for transport. The customer can set up their own transport of the onions or our partner company, OJS Express, can handle that! 


Our Process

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